Anonymous: Ey, same bae anon as before! Aha, I totally understand, in this fandom it's really hard to find completed quality fanfics, but you're right, I didn't even think to ask you about some artists! I'd love to hear some if you don't mind listing them >w< And the only fic that comes straight to mind for me are [BL] [ALE/KEN] Boy Crush [CS] and [NAT/CAS/LYS]The Switch[CS], but sadly neither are completed (Both of these are in the MCL fourms)


Hey there again! :D Sorry this took so long to reply too, but if you’ll look bellow you’ll see why.

I made a list, in no particular order, of artists who draw MCL. Complete with picture examples, and a brief explanation of their style!

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Practicando Ps con Cassy….  Pero Lys le va ganando, esta quedando más sexy. 

Castiel © Chinomiko

Art: Celina69 

Don’t Remove the credits Please

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MCL Parents


Nathaniel and Amber’s




Alexy an Armin’s